About Us

Marinhave S.A. is a company operating in the Agro-poultry sector that since 1994 has been based at Herdade do Arneiro Grande, in Santo Estevão.

Marinhave began its production of ducks at Quinta da Marinha in the late 1960s, its production at the time being only 400 ducks a week, part of which was sold live in local markets in that region and another part slaughtered using traditional artisanal means and sold as whole carcasses.

It is the oldest and only company in the poultry sector in Portugal that is dedicated solely to the production of ducks.

Its name as well as that of the brand Quinta da Marinha result from the fact that the company was originally, in the late 1960s, based at Quinta Da Marinha where it remained until 1994. It moved to be able to expand and for this purpose required more space and isolation. It was in Santo Estêvão, in 1994, that the current slaughterhouses were opened. Modern premises and with capacity for Marinhave to broaden its horizons, it was in a position to start its internationalisation process, as far as the sale of duck meat was concerned.

Marinhave started over 25 years ago, at the same time as it started its production of duck meat, to make use of the duck feathers. It undertook the washing, drying, dusting, selection and calibration of the feathers itself for subsequent marketing.

The growing environmental awareness of populations as well as of the management of Marinhave S.A. has resulted in the company embarking on a new activity, the production of worm humus and compost to solve the problem of sub-products from the production of ducks, such as manure and unusable feathers, resulting in organic fertilisers of excellent quality.

Marinhave’s market position is and shall always be that of differentiation in terms of the quality and excellence of its products to attempt to satisfy our customers even more as they are the reason for our existence and continuity.