Our Policy

Marinhave, as an industrial establishment for the production, slaughter and distribution of ducks, is aware of the importance of Food Security in the health of populations and of the impact its activities has on the Environment. For this purpose, it has the means required to guarantee things run smoothly and that its obligations are fulfilled.A adopção de medidas para satisfazer os requisitos dos Sistemas de Gestão Ambiental e de Segurança Alimentar pretendem um bom desempenho ao nível da qualidade e segurança assim como a preservação e respeito pelo meio ambiente.

The aim of the adoption of measures to meet the requirements of Environmental Management and Food Security Systems is to perform well in terms of quality and security as well as in terms of conservation and respect for the environment.
In this way, Marinhave’s objective has become the promotion of Food Security and good environmental performance. This entails the responsible participation of its employees in both the production of innocuous and safe foodstuffs and the prevention of pollution and the conservation of natural resources.